Skybolt POH + Maintenance Manual

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Skybolt POH + Maintenance Manual

Post by DC_Wolfe » March 2nd, 2018, 1:17 am

Since others were kind enough to share their copies of the POH's they developed, we thought we'd share the one we developed.

We can only attach the .pdf which got the formatting a bit off.

The .doc has embedded excel files - for weight and balance and for the equipment list. it's too large apparently to upload here (3mb) but just PM me and I'll send it (or the .odt openoffice file which is the original).

Other than adopting to our airplane, much of the POH was the work of others and most of the text was written by others (Again, with us just inserting our specific airplane info) with some font/formating changes. I'm sure there are still many errors to be found - it's just the first version, but was made entirely possible thanks to the help of others on this forum.


PS - We found printing it as a "booklet" it's still legible and takes up considerably less space.
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