1911 "How to Fly" Instructions

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1911 "How to Fly" Instructions

Post by DC_Wolfe » January 21st, 2018, 8:17 am

This is from a pilot's instruction sheet included with the 1911 Curtiss Pusher, very likely the first "How To Fly" book, some of it devised with a taint of black humor:
Rules Governing the Use of Aeronautical Apparatus

1. The aeronaut should seat himself in the apparatus, and secure himself firmly to the chair by means of the strap provided. On the attendant crying: "Contact," the aeronaut should close the switch which supplies electric current to the motor, thus enabling the attendant to set the same in motion.

2. Opening the control valve of the motor, the aeronaut should at the same time grasp the vertical stick or control pole which is to be found directly in front of the chair. The power from the motor will cause the device to roll gently forward and the aeronaut should govern its direction of motion by use of the rudder bars.

3. When the mechanism is facing into the wind, the aeronaut should open the control valve of the motor to its fullest extent, at the same time pulling the control pole toward his (the aeronaut's) middle anatomy.

4. When sufficient speed has been attained, the device will leave the ground, and assume the position of aeronautical ascent.

5. Should the aeronaut decide to return to terra firma, he should close the control valve of the motor. This will cause the apparatus to assume what is known as the "gliding position," except in the case of those flying machines which are inherently unstable. These latter will assume the position known as "involuntary spin," and will return to earth with no further action of the part of the aeronaut.

6. On approaching closely to the chosen field or terrain, the aeronaut should move the control pole gently toward himself, thus causing the mechanism to alight more or less gently on terra firma.

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