Open Water Fresh

Life isn’t always about triathlons. We decided to do a little cross training… I was originally open water certified over 30 years ago.. Not only am I now refreshed, but my sweetie is now Open Water Certified! Special thanks to Lisa, Tori, and John for the great experience!

Race Review: Mack Cycle Duathlon

Race Goals Before starting the race I set what I thought was an easy goal – shaving 2 minutes off my previous duathlon over the exact same course. The weather couldn’t have been better – although it was warm Miami, clouds hid the sun for the majority of the race. The weather was warm: Humid and 81F at start. Although …

Nuun Discount!

As we enter the race season, Nuun has a great discount going on. As a friend of Endurance Tourist, make sure to snag your hydration while you can and let them know you saw it here first!

2017 Sponsors

It might be a bit late, but it’s time for a shoutout for the 2017 Sponsors of Endurance Tourist. These are my favorite brands and it’s an honor to continue my relationship with them. I use them in training and in races and it’s my “Power-Up” mode for getting back on track with training and fitness. Timex Factory Team Being …

How To Be Mentally Marathon Tough

During my second attempt at the Comrades (Ultra) Marathon in South Africa I was convinced I was going to fail and DNF. In fact, by mile 13 of the 56 mile race I was finished. Despite traveling over 24 hours by air to arrive in Durban, South Africa, to participate in the World’s Largest Ultramarathon, I knew all my hard …