Biplane Transition Training

EAA, as well as the FAA and NTSB,┬ástrongly recommend┬áthat all builders and new owners of experimental aircraft undertake a thorough transition training program before flying their own aircraft solo for the first time (during Phase I testing or otherwise). We just completed receiving a Letter of Deviation Authority from the FAA in order to allow us to teach those building …

Mack Cycle Duathlon Trilogy #2

I’ve had better starts. But a lot of little things went wrong – forgot compression socks, knocked myself in the face with the bicycle helmet, knocked my sunglasses off and nearly broke them in transition… And I finished last in my Age Group. I did improve my first run and the bike. The second run wasn’t quite 5k, as the …

Key Biscayne Duathlon

Rarely in the past have I raced the same race year over year. But being located so close to the Multi-Race triathlon location, it’s hard not to be go back. (Spoiler: They are a sponsor). The duathlon race this year seemed considerably larger than last year, and it was definitely far more competitive. Although I achieved a PR, I didn’t …

Haunted Soul

A little plotagraph from our partner, Wicked Innocence Productions!

Forum Community is Back!

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MiamiMan 70.3

I’ve done some odd races, but the MiamiMan 70.1 Duathlon is perhaps unique among duathlons. As far as I know (and please let me know if I’m wrong!), it’s the only Half-Iron length duathlon in the United States. The unique format is a 1mi run/56mi bike/13.1mi run. So why do it instead of the standard triathlon? Well because.. a) I …

Open Water Fresh

Life isn’t always about triathlons. We decided to do a little cross training… I was originally open water certified over 30 years ago.. Not only am I now refreshed, but my sweetie is now Open Water Certified! Special thanks to Lisa, Tori, and John for the great experience!