Race Review: Mack Cycle Triathlon

The last Sprint Triathlon I competed in was 7 years ago. I’d done a couple of International and Olympic triathlons, but even those were 5 years ago. All my other triathlons were 70.3 or longer. Needless to say, the short distance makes me a “newbie” or at least a born-again virgin of Sprint Triathlon.

Also, the Mack Cycle Triathlon was my first-ever non-wetsuit race with the water a balmy 82 degrees.

But I felt more “prepared” for this race from a pre-race perspective… I actually spent an entire day do nothing but getting ready to race.

And, as always, I used my Nuun, Honey Stinger, and Timex equipment to get to the finish.

Power Troubles

My PowerTap P1S pedals continued to give me issues during the bike ride. After the race, after some trouble shooting, it appears that the Fenix 5 ant+ antennae isn’t strong enough to receive the signal while in the aero position with the watch on my wrist facing upwards… but if I leave the watch in the normal position, it seems to do better. Go figure.. And I have one week before IM70.3 Miami to figure out how to get power numbers without losing transition time.

The Course