Race Review: Mack Cycle Duathlon

Race Goals

Before starting the race I set what I thought was an easy goal – shaving 2 minutes off my previous duathlon over the exact same course. The weather couldn’t have been better – although it was warm Miami, clouds hid the sun for the majority of the race. The weather was warm: Humid and 81F at start.

Although I shaved off 2:40 from the previous race, it all came from transition and bike. My first run, which I hoped to finish in under 9 minutes, was almost identical, and my 5k was actually slower.

My transitions of all things seem to be my strength. It’s certainly kept me competitive and it is firmly why I ended up 2nd in my age group.


The course of the Mack Cycle Duathlon is the same as the Tri-Miami Sprint Duathlon which I finished in April. This is, I think, the first time I’ve ever repeated a duathlon (although I have repeated triathlons).

Mack Cycle and MultiSport have a beautiful course, it is well organized with two aid stations(there are no aid stations on the bike course) and they manage to do several races all at once without it getting too crowded at any point.