2017 Sponsors

It might be a bit late, but it’s time for a shoutout for the 2017 Sponsors of Endurance Tourist. These are my favorite brands and it’s an honor to continue my relationship with them. I use them in training and in races and it’s my “Power-Up” mode for getting back on track with training and fitness.

Timex Factory Team

Being a member of the team has helped my training immensely. With their partnership with Trek, Wahoo, and other titans of the industry, I’ve had the tools to begin training at the lowest level – and those same tools will take me to the highest level.

Team Nuun

Becoming a “Senior Ambassador” and an official member of Team Nuun in 2017 was absolutely amazing. Having been an Ambassador now for several years, this honor was a thrill for me. I like plain water, but a little Nuun in the water makes me drink that much more. I find I drink it while flying to stay hydrated and throughout the day. During races, I prefer to keep the electrolytes and the sugars separate. Nothing upsets my stomach more than sickly sweet drinks. Nuun has gotten me through some very long races – and I expect it will get me through a few more.

I first discovered Nuun during my first ever half-marathon: The San Francisco Half Marathon. We’ve been partners ever since. 

Honey Stinger Hive

During my first half marathon, I started using Gu energy gels. They were okay, but I noticed during the latter parts of the race it would upset my stomach. Enter honeystinger, an alternative that has turned into my primary source of sugar and/or caffeine. The waffles are perfect on the bike and the organic gels keep my fingers from getting too sticky on the run. And the bars are yummy. I’ve reviewed them before but they have some new stuff coming along that I’m looking forward to trying this year!

Wicked Innocence Photography

Digital Artist and fantastic wife Lynn continues to support my efforts by making me look good in photos and video.  And I think her artwork is awesome (Limited Editions for sale!).

This year, we’ll be doing our first duathlon together as we both work to get back in to a healthy lifestyle. The fun is just beginning!

Putting them all together

A little #tbt video featuring my awesome sponsors. Yesterday I tried to travel back in time to warn myself about my 2015 season, but apparently I’m a stubborn ass.