Run Ride Hydrate Virtual NUUN 10K

Virtual races can be either challenging or easy. You can easily cheat; But those that do easy don’t do Virtual races… Otherwise, what would be the point?

On July 5, 2015 Nuun sponsored its first virtual race. You could run a 5k, 10k, or bike a 15k. Or all three. It was up to you. Prizes could be won for fastest times, but also for creative photos, toughest course, or other items they decided on.
I knew I wasn’t going to win. So I challenged myself in other ways.Me
I found myself relegated to the hot, humid state of Texas for my July 4th weekend. Due to circumstances beyond my control – a tooth requiring a root canal on the following Monday and being hippity dippity on pain killers for several days – I wasn’t able to get up early in the morning before the oppressive Texas heat (and the deadly humidity) set in. But a race is a race, and a medal is a medal. So off I went, carrying one big bottle of Nuun with me. I didn’t set any records, and I think I finished last among the men in the virtual race – but I did find somewhere to run besides the streets and discovered areas most don’t know about. And that, as an Endurance Tourist, is what it is all about.
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