Race Report: Trails of Fury 5K

Our friend Nehal is beginning her running journey, and as she is looking to stay motivated and excited, she suggested we sign up for our first ever 5k trail race. This seemed like an excellent idea, until I remembered I am horrible at 5k races and, really, quite slow.

But Nehal would keep me going, so I agreed. All went well, until the day before the race she was unable to arrive in Las Vegas due to the airlines overbooking. This left me suddenly realizing I would actually have to race… not just pace… my first ever 5k trail run.

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. During the pre-race briefing, mentions of desert tortoises and wild horses and rattlesnakes were made, and then at the shot of a gun we were off.

Awaiting the Start

Awaiting the Start

And… I went really slow. But my heart rate didn’t… Very quickly, it spiked to 95% of my maximum heart rate and stay there. Did my pace show it? Of course not, as there was a gradual hill at the beginning, and the altitude was over 4,000 feet. By the time I went crashing downhill, my legs were whining, my breath was wheezing, and my UltrAspire waist belt fell off (hey, 20 seconds in a 5k matters!).

I did finish fast enough to surprise my personal photographer, who was shocked to see me so quickly. I certainly didn’t set a PR, but when you’re used to races last hours, crossing the finish line in under 30 minutes would surprise even anyone.

Desert Dash was the host of the race and did an excellent job. We’ll be looking forward to running with them again!


Fueling up with Honey Stinger before the start.


Due to an error with the 1/2 Marathon and 30K, results still haven’t been posted. I also learned a valuable lesson… Check your results before leaving!

To my shock and amazement… I WON! For the first (and probably last) time in my entire career… I actually won a race!

Oh no, not just my AG! I won the 5k… OVERALL!

 Daylight 5K Winner Winning time Total racers
 Overall Dale C. Wolfe 28:25.3 23
 Female Emily Wilson 33:17.4 16
 F 10-19 Cherie Pierce 39:02.2 2
 F 20-29 Robyn Phelan 33:42.3 6
 F 30-39 Emily Wilson 33:17.4 7
 F 40-49 Maryse Hébert 1:35:14.5 1
 Male Dale C. Wolfe 28:25.3 7
 M 20-29 Gregory Laurent 37:28.5 1
 M 30-39 Lester Lansing 34:19.8 2
 M 40-49 Dale C. Wolfe 28:25.3 4

Sadly, I never even got a medal, because I left before checking the results.