Full Vineman Triathlon, Google Glass, and Jitters

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Vineman Pre-Race Prep

Tomorrow, I will commence my second attempt at an Iron-Distance (Full) Triathlon. I will be trying to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles all within the one day – actually, within about 16 hours.

I’m probably less prepared for this race than I’ve been for any other significant race. I’m less in shape, my training plan was followed less accurately, and I’m not at 100%. My back, which got badly out of alignment thanks to a lack of Yoga and stretching, has kept me off my feet all week. Two visits to the Chiropractor may have saved me from not being able to start; But it might not save me from failing to finish.

All of my equipment is three-years worn. That is, it’s mostly the same stuff I used – and have used repeatedly since – my first Vineman in 2010. My bike isn’t new anymore (well, the tires are), my watch isn’t new, my Heart Rate monitor is the “old” Garmin plastic one I’ve used for 3 years, my bike shoes are three years old, my running shoes are at about their max mileage, my helmet is at its life-limit, and my socks… Well, I did pick the comfy ones (and they’re not new).

I do, however, have one new gadget to add.

Vineman and Google Glass

[singlepic id=2186 w=320 h=240 float=right]My Google Glass. I’m not sure if this will be the first ever full-length triathlon recorded and shared #throughglass, but I’m going to to pretend it is. Unfortunately for me, I’m limited by the poor battery of my Samsung Galaxy SII. I will be unable to upload photos/videos “live” until the run. But, thanks to the memory on Glass, I’m hoping that the pictures/videos from the bike will upload while I’m running. It’s not a “live” hangout (which I would totally have done if battery life wasn’t an issue), but it should be about as “live” an update as I have ever done. Since I will be actually trying to race, I will be limiting my updates to Google Plus (Click on my social media icon in the headline!). I realize there are many folks who follow me on Facebook, but they need to move over to the better social media site anyway. And, eventually, I will do a race recap. But the live stuff? See you on G+!

I hope to be sharing numerous 10-second videos, photos, and twitter/G+ updates along the way thanks to the Voice-Recognition. It’s harder to do so to Facebook since I haven’t set up an IFTT. If Id been smart enough to do that, I could do them all at once, but I didn’t. And, I’m not on Path.

Vineman Expo

[singlepic id=2196 w=320 h=240 float=left]So on July 26, 2013 I went to the Expo for 2013 Vineman. I wore my Timex shirt (as part of the Timex Factory Team, I figured it would be a good thing)

Despite my own reservations about succeeding at the race, Vineman is one of the favorite triathlons for experienced triathletes. Vineman is the oldest full-length triathlon in the United States, and as this is the 24th time they will be running this race, the organizers have a slick, efficient method of organizing the race. In 2010, attending a pre-race director’s briefing wasn’t required, but I’m glad they do require it now – it has some great information for all the triathletes.

As T1 and T2 are not at the same location, the logistics are a bit more complicated for the athletes (and I can’t image how difficult for the volunteers). But, they explained how athletes and baggies will be shuttled between the two locations.

While at the expo, I realized I left my calf compression sleeves back in San Francisco. Fortunately, a Vendor at the expo had a replacement pair (at an expo price of $35). Breaking the rule of never using something new during a race, I’ll have to wear these replacemnt sleeves tomorrow. Fortunately, it will not take much time to remove them if I must.

We left my run transtion bag after attending the pre-race meeting and picking up our registration packet in the T2 area. I think I stood staring at my backpack for about 10 minutes, hoping I wasn’t forgetting anything.

So now it’s time for a nap – before getting up at 3am to begin the journey. I’m not as prepared as I would want, I’m not as fit, I’m still recovering from injuries (back and wrist), I feel fat – I’ve gained weight and you can see it in the photos – – but I haven’t DNF’d yet. It’s just for fun, now.

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