Effective Ways to Shred Calories

Numerous studies and reports have shown some of the most effective ways to shred calories.

So what things can we do to shred those calories fastest and most efficiently in the least amount of time? That depends which study/website you check out on the web. But some things seem consistent across the studies. Take a look at our list below:

  • Running. Move your feet and lose the pounds.
  • Martial Arts. Learn to defend yourself from wicked calories
  • Stair Climbing. Use the stairs not elevators!
  • Swimming. Real swimming burns calories fast and you get to splash people.
  • Cycling. Indoor or Outdoor, each has its plusses!
  • Cross Country Skiing. Enjoy wildlife, beautiful views, and destroying calories.
  • Jump Rope. Works effectively in a living room.
  • Rowing (canoe/kayak).  Get some Vitamin D, too.
  • Vinyasa Yoga. Some call it “Power Yoga”. You can call it Power Burn.
  • Hiking. Hiking up a mountain (hill walking) is just as good as running!

Just how many candy bars can 30 minutes of these exercises afford us during our day?

Just one Kit Kat.