Honey Stinger Review: Revisted

When I originally reviewed Honey Stinger products, I found they were both some hits and some misses. Shortly after my entry, and hearing that numerous gel packets had leaked, Honey Stinger was kind enough to offer to send me some replacements. They were also kind enough to send me some of their Organic Gels along with some of the newer waffle flavors.

It is quite apparent that a lot of thought has been put into these newer products, because they stood far and above the products I first tested. Let’s take a look at each:

Waffles – Chocolate and Lemon

The chocolate Waffles are still a little dry for me, but I do have an addiction for chocolate and on the trail these waffles do hit the spot. However, the original honey waffles are still the best.

The lemon Waffles add a little zing to the waffle taste, and I found them not all that bad.. but still find the original yummy honey to be the preferred taste among the products (but then again, I like honey – a lot).

Gels – Sealed and New Organics

Apparently, if the gel packets aren’t sealed properly, it definitely affects the taste. I would suggest to anyone that if you find your gels aren’t sealed properly, to let Honey Stinger know and get replacements. I was surprised at the difference in taste!

The Ginseng gels are still not my favorites but I did notice a considerable improvement in taste from the non-leaked gels. They are far more palatable when they’re fresh, but I did find that my stomach still didn’t settle too well during the latter parts of a long run or a long ride. There is something in the original gels that my personal stomach doesn’t seem to like too much.

The organic gels, however, are a different story.  Without a doubt, these are some of the finest gel products offered by Honey Stinger. I tested a few of the new flavors during a five hour bike ride, and I found they went down easily and didn’t upset my stomach in the same way that some of the original gels did. And even though Honey Stinger doesn’t offer an organic chocolate (okay, I have a thing for honey and chocolate), the gels were still quite tasty without having a sickeningly-sweet taste. For me, they hit the “sweet” spot between yummy and “blech-sweet”.

Overall Conclusion

To my surprise, it helps to have a fresh product to review before making any conclusions. Although there are still some ups and downs and nothing changed drastically from my previous review, the “fresh” original gels did taste considerably better than the first batch I tried. Also, the organics went down smoother and easier than the originals, and if I was to chose between the two, I would definitely go with the organics – not because they are “organic” but simply because my stomach, when raw from a run/bike, likes them much, much better (if you have a sensitive stomach, you might consider trying the organics first). And that, my friends, his a huge statement considering what a choco-holic I really am.