Disastrous Training Week Leads to Doubts

Sometimes things go your way, and sometimes they don’t. Training for something like an Ironman Triathlon, or an Ultramarathon, means spending weeks – sometimes years – in preparation. And they always tell you – things will not always go as planned. Trust in your training, and be consistent. The key to success is consistency.

I think this is something they need to tell Oprah and Dr. Oz – there is no “Quick Fix”. Staying fit is an endurance race for your entire life – the longest one you’ll ever do.

But what happens when that all falls apart? What happens when you get injured? Or, in my case… Suddenly find yourself with no training whatsoever for an entire week?

I wanted to do well at the HITS Full Triathlon in December. But the lack of consistency, poor training, and basically “Life” has pushed themselves into my plans. Did I bite off too much to chew? Am I trying to gobble up the impossible?

This is my 40th year. I want to finish the Comrades (Ultra) Marathon, 2 half Ironmans, and 1 Ironman all in one year. It’s my Fortieth year. From the sports standpoint, I wanted this to be an epic year for me.

I still think its possible even though, according to Don Fink’s book Be Ironfit, after missing a week I should (sic) “Seriously reconsider your goals”.

I’ve been under my training hours. I’m seriously in doubt about whether I’ll be able to get the bike hours in since I will traveling so much. As a pilot, I don’t work 8-5, and it’s not like I can pull the airplane over for an hour in the pool. When I’m at work, I’m often at work for 12-14 hours, and hotels don’t often have even stationary bikes once I finally (15-16 hours after I woke up) get to them. I can rearrange the long rides, but what do you do when you will, at least twice a month, be away from your bike or a stationary bike for over a week?

Maybe I should give up triathlons and focus on Ultramarathons. I can take my shoes anywhere. I can run in just about any climate. Marathons can be a lot of fun. And I hate – I mean, really dislike – swimming.

But I’ve already signed up for the HITS Full Triathlon. My stubborn streak will not let me stop training now. Focus Focus Focus has become my mantra. And that alarm goes off really early in the morning, and the SOAU (Signficant Other Approval Units) get spent really fast when I spend time away from her.

I suppose every back-of-the-pack athlete goes through these moments. Maybe this just will not be my race. At this point, I think, the result is simple.

I’ve decided to redefine “doing well”. Instead of finishing in the middle, now all I want to be able to do… Is simply finish.

Not only must you set goals, but you have to be realistic about them, too. I’m out of my comfort zone, but then again.. That’s where the magic happens.

Maybe I’ll feel better after tomorrow’s run. Funny how my positive attitude changes after a run.