Marathon Motivation in Italy

At this moment, my fiance’ and I are headed to Europe and eventually Rome, Italy to run the Rome Marathon.

Before this trip, my fiance’ never had even the slightest desire to do something “so crazy.” She would never have dreamed of doing something like this, and in fact, would have thought: “That’s impossible!” just 15 weeks ago.

But then I bribed her. I told her about the beauty and history of Rome, how many calories you burn while running, how many fountains we’d see, how many calories we’d burn running, the cobblestone streets we’d be running on, the calories we’d burn, the time we’d spend together exploring trails around the San Francisco area while training for the marathon, and the fact we’d be going to Rome Italy and getting the best walking tour ever, and she finally succumbed to the bribery, despite the fact she *hated* anything athletic.

Now she complains when she can’t go run on trails (a complete reversal of her mental ‘tude not that long ago).

So this week’s challenge!: Bribe yourself. What motivates you? Don’t think “Look Like” think “Can Do.” What is your “Can Do” when you lose the weight you want to lose?

If you haven’t thought of a Can Do, then now is the time! Weight-loss and fitness is a marathon challenge, and when you hit “the wall”, you have to keep focused on that “bribery” or “Can Do”. Nothing is impossible! If I can do what I can do at my age, then it is certainly possible for you, too.

So sign up for a race, make a commitment. Even if it’s “crazy” or “that’s impossible!”. The only thing limiting yourself is you. Tell your friends and family (and us!) what you’re doing, get your support network, and “Can Do!”

Keep up the good work and let’s hear from you! We’ll be checking in! What’s your “Can Do”?