My Failure at Stanford Treeathlon

The Stanford Treeathlon and I haven’t had much luck. Some day, I will start the race. But, it wasn’t today. Not the fault in any way of the Stanford Treeathlon, but my luck at this race continues to be unsuccessful.

Unfortunately for me, I’m having lower back pain – sometimes it’s hard to even walk, and it’s even more painful to sit or even sneeze – and the better part of valor suggested a pass at this race. To make it even more difficult, the weather was perfect, and the Stanford Triathlon team, the folks behind the treeathlon, are always friendly and the race continues to look like a way fun way to start the season. I wish I could give you a race report: But, sadly, the race report is about knowing your limits, and your ultimate goals.

I probably could have done this race. But I also know myself. If I started I would have pushed harder – it being a race afterall – and I would have further aggravated my back. The Treeathlon wasn’t my top “A” race, and doing the race just to do it would have set me further back on my 1/2 Iron training and, more importantly, Comrades training.

Between running a marathon on March 3, or doing this race, because Comrades is the most important, I had to decide to take an easier day.

So, I missed the Treeathlon. I wish I hadn’t, because they seem like such really cool and fun folks. Maybe, next year, third time will be a charm! (I don’t feel like my entry fee was a waste at all – it helps support the Stanford Triathlon team, and that’s a worthy cause).

See you next year!