Competitor Group Screws Up Again

Okay, they say fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I should have followed that when I ordered something from the organizers of the RnR Las Vegas Marathon. Foolish me. My blog on the disaster that was the RnR Marathon was the most popular post here.

But what happened just recently? How did they do badly again?

You see, Competitor Group sends out spam emails with various GearBuzz offers through different vendors for discounted prices on things. I saw a great closeout deal: 60% off last year’s triathlon wetsuits, and, as luck would have it, they were getting rid of a wetsuit just in My Girl’s size. And, just in time for Valentine’s Day! (I’m a triathlete, it’s Romantic. Go with me on this one).  So, I clicked on the Aqua Sphere link, ordered the wetsuit, added a gift note of “I love you”, and felt pretty happy about getting a good deal.

It was not meant to be. Now, not only will I not support Competitor Group, but I’ll not support aqua sphere either nor order anything from them. Why?

I just got this message, after an email about the order being delayed:

Thank you for participating in the Gear Buzz end of stock promotion.
Sorry, we are out of stock of your requested size and model, please check to see if your size is available for an alternate model to take advantage of the 60% off Gear Buzz promo.
Your current order will be refunded.

We want to offer you 15% off our all new 2012 tri suits. All sizes are available.

Promo Code: GB2012A

Exchanges or returns are available for all 2012 tri suits.
Please fallow the link to view our new suits.

Thank you,

Aqua Sphere

Now here’s the thing. I did look to see if an “alternate model” was available, and, from what I can tell, the website still lists the exact same suit available for 60% off. I could order the same wetsuit again if I wanted, with probably the same result.

This is just another sign to avoid anything to do with Competitor Group. Burn me once… Well, now it’s twice.

I’ll know better for the future. Competitor Group: You’re just bad karma.