Race Report: PCTR 30km Sequoia Trail

Every race you learn something. During @PCTR ‘s (Pacific Coast Trail Runs) 30km Sequoia Trail Run, I learned that getting faster in 10k and 5k distances doesn’t necessarily translate into faster 30k times. In fact, although I did initiate a slower pace at the start of the race, I actually went out too hard too fast too soon, and jogged up several hills that I should have walked. I actually hate being passed in the second half of a race, because it tells me that I didn’t pace well: And most of the time I do the passing during the second half.

But not during this trail run.

But – you screw up, you learn. I’ll probably do it again but it did teach me that I’m not in as good a shape as I might have wished, or thought, or improving as much as I might fool myself into believing. Finishing 8th in my Age Group, not even close to several folks younger than me. In fact, overall I was about 34 out of 41. Part of that was due to my bad pacing, as I got passed by about 5 or 6 people during the latter half of the race. The other part of that is I’m simply not in as good a shape as I would wish to be. Of course, lack of proper tapering, and it IS a training race, does have a small factor in my performance, but even so I had false hopes of doing better.

Better to learn now than later I suppose. That will teach me for not checking the elevation profile first:

Those vertical lines should have warned me to take the first half easy – because the second half still had some serious climbs!

But, all was not lost. Due to a last minute cancellation, My Girl jumped in to help at the aid table, and in very short order was in charge and getting things done. She understands what it means for volunteers to not show up as promised, and her volunteerism might just get her into her first 10k – in the beautiful woods!

So, in the end – Success!