Race Report: Tri Santa Cruz Duathlon Faces Foggy Start

How much longer??

Four minutes. That’s all that separated me from moving up from the middle-of-the-pack finish at the Santa Cruz Duathlon on August 13, 2011. Arguably, the best place to make up that time would be in my transitions. My T1 and T2 times were long compared to my fellow duathletes, and I believe I only have myself to blame. Although I felt quick, I obviously wasn’t. I need to cut almost 1 minute off my transition times, although I’m not sure how – my little skinny narrow girl feet don’t allow me to use the faster zoot shoes (which only come in D-Width). In either case, the “fourth sport” of triathlon/duathlon is still hurting my times.

I also need to pay closer attention to where I’m going. Twice during the course I wandered off the wrong direction, but I have only myself to blame for that. Fortunately, with ample volunteers, they redirected me the proper direction very quickly.

The weather was unusually chilly for this time of year, and the fog had moved in over night and decided to stubbornly not go away. For the triathletes, this caused the swim course to be shortened to 700m, but for the duathletes caused little change, either than my glasses fogging up during transitions.

The race was well organized, had plenty of volunteers, and had enough hills to be fun but not enough to destroy anyone or prevent them from finishing.

My finish: Overall: 5/10 (1st Place in my AG – out of 1 – 4th in Men)

Time (Approx – based on my @garmin 310xt): 1:19:27

Avg Run Pace: 1st run: 8:04, 2nd run: 8:14

Avg Bike Pace: 19.4mph (inc. some transition time.)