Race Report: Toronto 1/2 Marathon: Cold, Wet, and Fun

On May 15, 2011, while those folks from San Francisco ran the 100th Bay to Breakers 12k, those with real legs ran the Toronto Goodlife Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. Despite the drizzle, many runners enjoyed the downhill course and fun atmosphere of this Canadian Race: The Canucks are known for being friendly, and this race was no exception. My purpose for this run was merely as a training run “with AID stations”, but more importantly – Making sure The Girl’s bro finished his first 1/2 marathon. Considering his lack of training, he did a great job a 2 hours and 27 minutes – and now, I’m pushing him towards a marathon. Once, he was overweight, never exercised, and weighed in excess of 250+ pounds… today, he is a lean runner, and I am doing everything I can to get him addicted to the cheapest therapy I know.

He loved his first 1/2 Marathon, and hopefully he’ll complete his first marathon before long. Canadians are lovely, welcoming people, and running within the streets of the “New York of Canada” shouldn’t make you stay away – Yes, it’s a big city, and yes, they are far more “New York” than the rest of Canada, but let’s face it – Even at that they are the nicest folks you want to meet.

Besides – Any Goodlife Marathon is a promise the biggest finisher medal ever, and you can’t beat that.