Race Report: 2010 SV 10k Turkey Trot


For the San Jose, CA area, the morning started cold – really cold. For us Californians, anyway, as the temperature was about 33 degrees… However, not long into the run everyone was plenty warm as the sun began to warm the streets. The course is fairly flat, with a few minor hills, and plenty of aid stations. Although I picked up my pace early, in order to avoid the crowds, my split time actually shows a faster second half pace than the first half. However, I know I was running considerably faster than pace during the first mile, just to get away from the crowd, so I must have slowed down quite a bit during the second mile. Unfortunately, due to the fact I only got about 4 hours of sleep, I forgot to bring my Garmin 310xt with me, so I don’t have a map of the course (which can be found on the race website), but being on city streets their weren’t any bottlenecks.

Once the course began to thin, there wasn’t any trouble finding my “space” and “pace”. The event was well organized, the people in costumes a riot, and overall it was a good experience. I even followed a girl running barefoot for awhile.

In the end, it was a great way to start a day of feasting!


Gender:     M
Age:     38
Hometown:     Burlingame, CA

Overall:     715 out of 4170
Men:     587 out of 2057
M 35-39:     88 out of 284
Age/Grade:     55.52% Place: 1130
Finish:     50:27 Pace: 8:08
Tag Time:     50:27
Gun Time:     51:22
Split Times
2.7 Mile:     22:38 Pace: 8:23