We Create Aviators

(Not Just Pilots)

Skybolt Biplane


Tailwheel Transition Training will not only make you a better pilot, but it will teach you to dance!*

*You will not learn how to dance salsa


Increase Your Aircraft Skillset

Improve Landing Safety & Skills

Available in Xplane 11!

Located at Pompano Beach Airpark KPMP


Emergency Confidence Training will give you the skills and confidence for that day in the future when the your skills will be put to the test. Become comfortable with spins, unusual attitudes, engine failure on takeoff, and handling just about any emergency a pilot could face.


Stalls, Spins, Jammed Controls, Unusual Attitudes

Engine Failures, Fires, Critical Decision Making

Minimize "The Startle Effect"



Coming soon to an Airshow near you!


Family Friendly

Comedy on the Ground & Air

Not just another tumbling bipe

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Are you savvy enough to survive as a Space Pilot? Play our gamebook, "The Space Pilot" (Work-in-Progess) and see if you retire an old pilot, or a bold pilot! For updates on the game, join our forums and help shape the future!

The story begins in the year of 2190 and the dawn of the third age of mankind. Almost a century ago, a space faring race introduced the world to "Portals", or wormhole technology, allowing travel throughout the universe.

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